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About Our Property Management Services

At Affiniti Management Services, we’re dedicated to your long-term investment success. We offer comprehensive property management solutions, including staffing, leasing, and maintenance, all handled by our expert team. Our commitment to transparency and open communication ensures you’re always informed and confident in your investment decisions.

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At Affiniti, transparency is not just a promise– its a core value. We exclusively concentrate on investment management, ensuring that your property receives unwavering attention, without any conflict of interest from our own investments. This commitment to transparency extends to our reporting and forecasting, guaranteeing investors that remain informed and confident in their decisions. With experienced onsite staff and meticulously maintained properties, we are dedicating to cultivating the long-term success of our investors.

  • Reliable Reporting and Forecasting
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Experienced Onsite Staff
  • Well-maintained Properties
  • No Conflicts of Interest
  • 14 Properties
  • 2.5K Apartments
  • 4.5K Residents
  • 200+ Years Experience
Investors Operations Management

Operations Management

We meticulously track daily management tasks, including move-ins and move-outs, ensuring smooth operations and efficient processes. Our stringent leasing criteria enable us to retain high-quality residents who meet our standards. With knowledgeable onsite management and staff, you can trust your properties are in capable hands.

  • Tracking Move-ins and outs
  • High Leasing Standards
  • Day-to-day maintenance
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Become an Investor

Contemplating investing with Affiniti Property Management? We’re here to assist you in getting started and will customize your investment plan to align with your asset and its unique requirements.

To become an investor with Affiniti Property Management, first reach out to us with a call or through our contact form. We will set up an initial consultation to discuss your assets and investment goals. Then, we will design a customized investment plan tailored to your needs and objectives.

This greatly depends on you.  We work with a wide variety of investors, ranging from those who are hands-off to those who desire monthly calls to discuss the performance of their assets.  We are happy to sit down and discuss your needs and tailor a manager/investor communication path highlighting your specific needs and wants.    

We provide daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports so that you know precisely how your asset is performing.  From occupancy reports to collection details to renovation, capital updates, and financial reporting, we ensure you are never in the dark about your property’s performance.

A Proud Member of

Rolling Oaks Group of Companies

Affiniti Property Management is a proud member of the Rolling Oaks Group of Companies, along with Rolling Oaks Hospitality. Together, we provide comprehensive property management services and cater to full and select service hotels, self-service storage facilities, and conventional and student housing.

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Interesting in investing with Affiniti Property management? Simply reach out to us, and we’ll be delighted to guide you through the process.

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